Brooke Law @ The Finsbury

Normally I plan out my gig shoots in advance, and also include the occasional night off just to catch up with editing. The night of this gig was one of those scheduled nights off, but that afternoon I had a sudden urge to go out shooting, and this looked like a good one to attend, being at my favourite venue that has great lighting and sound, and quality acts. Brooke Law, the headliner, was unknown to me, but I’d seen MIRI and The Scruff Club before so I knew it was going to be a fun shoot. Until I got there. I knew the smoke machine, which gave it its characteristic look, had not been working for some time, but finding out that the front lighting rig was on the blink was going to be a challenge. There was just low-level backlight, with nothing on the performers’ faces. Luckily, I keep a flash in my camera bag.

Visuals aside, the audio content was great. MIRI always gives an impassioned performance with her distinctive voice. The Scruff Club have a great upbeat vibe that can get any room moving. Headliner Brooke was launching her new single Fight Like a Mother (a tribute to Ellen Ripley, maybe?), and recruited friends and members of The Scruff Club for her backing band. Musically, it is sort of pop-soul that reminded me of US group Delta Rae, with Brooke’s voice proving to gutsy and her performance captivating. Definitely one to keep an eye and ear out for.


The Scruff Club

Brooke Law

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