Cold In BerlinAcademy Islington, London © Chris Patmore


It was thirty years ago today that I first met Sri Mataji Nirmala Devi in person, and my life headed off in a completely unexpected direction. It was the culmination of my seeking for the divine that took me to many places, not only around the world, but also physically, mentally and emotionally. What I thought was the end of the road was simply the beginning of a new one that was almost the complete inverse of what had gone before.

Jennifer Lynch

I talk with Jennifer Lynch about her latest feature film, the disturbing psychological thriller Chained, and violence to women on screen.

Mark Magidson & Ron Fricke

Producer Mark Magidson and director/cinematographer Ron Fricke, have established an international reputation for making visually stunning films that investigate the human condition in epic, dialogue-free documentaries. Their previous film Baraka became a worldwide hit, and their latest film Samsara looks like doing the same. I spoke to the pair about the ideas behind their film and the technical aspects of shooting on a large format film in the age of digital miniaturisation.