Fjokra @ The Water Rats

It was back at the beginning of March 2015 that I first encountered Fjokra. It was at the Jubilee Club, the late night gig at The Barfly, back in the days when there would be two different live gigs on a Friday night. I was a house photographer at the venue, so I had the fortune of seeing bands that I otherwise wouldn’t. In fact, that night was particularly special because it was also the first time I saw the magnificent Broken Witt Rebels, who are going from strength to strength, with their first album due out any day. The Rebels play a sort southern soul/blues/rock that is all the more confounding for the fact that they are four young lads from Birmingham (Midlands not Alabama). When Fjokra hit the stage it was such a contrast to what had gone before that the performance left an even greater impression, not only for the unclassifiable music but also for the brilliant stage presence. I’ve tried to catch their shows whenever I can ever since.

This show at The Water Rats was to launch the band’s latest single Evening Lights. The band has had a bit of a line up change since I last saw them, but it is still Fi and Annie Bea very much to the front. The Water Rat’s stage isn’t one of the biggest in town, especially for a five-piece multi-instrumentalist ensemble, but that space was further reduced by an impressive stage design made up of dozens or possibly hundreds of balloons.

Support for the evening came from F.O.X, who could be best described as electronic dance pop. It’s not a genre I choose to listen to, being much more of a guitar and drums person, but for a three-piece that managed to belt out an impressive sound that got the audience moving and nicely warmed up for the headliners.




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