Horsefight @ The Old Blue Last

It’s been a little while coming, but Horsefight’s fight album Eden has been completed, thanks to a successful Pledge campaign, and 17 August 2017 was the day it was launched onto the general public with a free gig at The Old Blue Last in Shoreditch.

Opening the evening was GROK, who play an improv set. They have The Wheel of Chordal Destiny, which is an illuminated wheel marked with letters from A to G, which a member of the audience spins to determine the chord (or key) for the song, then someone else calls out a topic for the song, and the band makes up one on the spot. Either this band is one of the best in the world, or they had a bunch of tunes that they adapt to the occasion. Either way, the playing was superb and the whole concept was fun.

This was followed by yet another band from Brighton, this time a trio that launched into very grungy set that bore than a little resemblance to Nirvana. Sick joy may have been a little derivative, but what metal band isn’t? They played a great set, and is there really any harm in wearing their influences on their sleeve.

Big and The Fat have been mentioned before in this blog, and I don’t want to repeat myself. Enough to say their sound grows on me more each time I hear it.

As for the main attraction. I’m a fan. I supported their Pledge campaign, and always enjoy their live performance, which is always energetic, with all members giving their all. If you haven’t already, go see them gig, and buy the album. They play great rock. HORSEFIGHT!


Sick Joy

Big & The Fat



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