Karima Francis @ The Finsbury

I pride myself in having a broad eclectic taste in music. Genre wise, there’s not much I won’t listen to as long as it has a vibe. I tend to swerve most classical music (but not orchestral), I can do without most pop music and EDM does nothing for me. Essentially, most anything with guitars and drums played by real people. While my current preference is for neo-psych/garage/surf, possibly because it harks back to my youth and music of the ’70s. And I want/need performances that are going to make for interesting photos. People standing at laptops and dwiddling knobs in the dark definitely aren’t great to shoot, and singer-songwriters can be a challenge too as they tend to stand in one place singing into a mic, but they are often very good at expressing a range of emotions in their songs and on their faces. And at the right venue, the lighting can enhance this.

And so I found myself photographing Karima Francis at The Finsbury. It wasn’t simply chance that took me there. I’d seen Karima perform solo a couple of times and there was something haunting, almost melancholic, about her songs and yet they had that undefinable positive vibe I always look for, and the addition of keyboards and rhythm track helped to elevate them.

Supporting her headline set were Lilac Underworld, who I would probably describe as goth-folk, and Freddie Dickson, who took me somewhat by surprise as I had seen a couple of years ago performing upbeat soul-pop, but this solo set was much more subdued, although with some nice self-deprecating banter between songs.

Lilac Underworld

Freddie Dickson

Karima Francis

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