King Nun @ The Finsbury

RockFeedBack are well known around the indie music scene as a online magazine/blog, but primarily as a promoter. They put gigs with a lot of the exciting up-and-coming artists, as well as a few well-established ones, at London’s better known small-to-medium-sized venues. They also do an occasional, slightly lower-keyed night at The Finsbury. Being an established promoter they are able to attract some interesting bands, and the occasional surprise. On this night in question it was Kid Wave, hot off their tour supporting The Shins, as the opening act.

Kid Wave are a vehicle for singer-songwriter Lea Emmery and play indie rock/pop songs that stays on the right side of indie rock, with great guitar work and vocals, and charmingly self-effacing stage presence.

Venture Lows had the unenviable task of being sandwiched between Kid Wave and headliners King Nun, and, sad to say, their upbeat indie pop didn’t leave the impression it probably should have, because I don’t actually remember that much about their set.

King Nun, on the other hand, are definitely a force to be reckoned with. Despite being plagued with technical problems, they tore through their set with the energy you want to see from a young band. Like the Sex Pistols, the on-stage chaos didn’t mask how tight they were as a band. When photographing bands there is usually one or two members that capture the attention of the lens, but sometimes, and it doesn’t happen as often as it should, you have to try and capture the whole band’s energy in one shot as a single unit. King Nun are one of those bands, and they seem destined for much bigger things. Definitely ones to catch before that happens.

Kid Wave

Venture Lows

King Nun

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