Medisin @ The Finsbury

This was a weird one. It became progressively darker as the night went on. But that is what happens when the lighting is taken out of the hands of someone who knows what they are doing.

Medisin played a fantastic set of psychedelic rock, with just the right amount of lighting and smoke, although it can always be a bit brighter. Us photographers like light because it’s kind of vital to what we do.

Meggie Brown insisted on all red lighting. A bit of a pain, but I can deal with it if it is bright enough by converting to black and white; monochrome lighting = monochrome photos. Using a red filter on the lens was quite common in black and white film photography.

Jennifer, the headliners of the evening, decided that no front light and the minimum of backlight was a good look, not that you could really see their faces on stage, so I packed up my camera and went home.


Meggie Brown


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