Nova Twins @ The Old Blue Last

This is something of a difficult post to write. It involves something completely outside the scope of my experiences, which makes me unqualified to comment on. The Stand With Survivors gig was a fundraiser for Rape Crisis. Suffice to say that no means no, no matter the gender, and until people understand and respect this, rape is going to continue to be a serious issue that remains largely overlooked. It’s important that there are these strong voices speaking out about it at a grassroots level, especially when there is an oppressive government, and its agencies, that are doing very little to remedy the situation, particularly when their own dubious activities in this area are being exposed in an increasing regularity.

Despite the seriousness of the day’s subject matter, with part of the event reserved for women only, there was a positive party vibe to the musical part of the evening, which was open to all, and with Peach Club and secret guest headliners Nova Twins storming the stage, it was hardly surprising.

Peach Club

Nova Twins

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