Porshyne @ The Finsbury

This was the second Permanent Vacation gig in the same week, but at the better lit The Finsbury, with another solid line-up of psych-flavoured guitar music.

Relatively new three-piece Shady Gringos but on a brilliant set, despite some technical issues that included a broken guitar string, which allowed the bass player to unleash an impressive solo as a replacement guitar was retrieved. Luckily the set finished without further incident other than some excellent punk-tinged psychedelia – or was it psychedelic punk. Either way, shoes were moving and not being gazed at.

Rental Wives provided a nice pop-rock interlude before the oncoming onslaught of Porshyne. They were yet another band I’d not heard, or heard of. Their Facebook page had comments comparing them with Radiohead, but when the stage became a line of guitars, I knew that there was a promise of something more. And this obvious early into the set. It was possibly the vocals that drew the Radiohead comparisons, but my immediate thought was of the more proggy Porcupine Tree, particularly from the drumming. Whatever the inevitable comparisons, they were very much their own sound, with impressive playing and soaring vocals and guitars. Excellent stuff.

Shady Gringos

Rental Wives


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