Rews @ The Finsbury

Get in Her Ears is another promoter putting on the ever-increasing number of girl bands (for wont of a better name). There is definitely no shortage, if the London live scene is anything to judge by, and women are well represented in all genres of bands. It’s a lot more common to female drummers, bass players and guitarists in bands with their male counterparts, and not just as singers. To say that sexism in music is longer an issue may be a step too far, as that is a societal problem, but it has certainly moved forward in leaps and bounds.

Get in Her Ears regular slot at The Finsbury on 8 September certainly spanned musical genres, and opening act Catgod seemed to cover a lot of them in their set, with songs melding pop, ska, afrobeat and blues. It was all about having a good time, and with the whole show starting over half an hour late, something upbeat was just what was needed.

Deerful was a change of pace with some quirky synth-pop played on a coffee table, which included a song to a Gameboy accompaniment.

The two big draws of the evening were three-piece Berries, and drums and guitar duo Rews, who are both building solid followings. Both bands clearly enjoy what they are doing, and that vibe spills over into the audience. Having seen both bands earlier in year, it is clear that their gigging regime is paying off, as they were both sounding even tighter and with increased confidence in their stage craft.

Anyone who complains about there not being enough women in rock is not getting out enough, and with so many of these gigs being free there is no excuse for not supporting them.





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