The Sly Persuaders @ The Shacklewell Arms

You know you’re at the right gig when part of the audience is made up of some of the best live bands in London: Saint Agnes, Horsefight and Terminal Gods just to name a few. The Shacklewell Arms may not be the most aesthetically pleasing venue in town, especially from a photographers point of view, but they do host great bands, and We Can Do It know how to pick them as well.

The bill was made up of Bristol three-piece Nasty Little Lonely, and Roadkill Records stablemates Muertos and The Sly Persuaders. The latter two are both familiar, but the Bristolians were new surprise and boy did they open the evening in style. A classic power trio line up, they were loud and fuzzy and beat crazy, with some incredibly heavy drumming to drive it all along.

Speaking of drummers, The Sly Persuaders stick man Alex Bone, had to sit in with Muertos at the last minute, without any rehearsals, but you would never know. The band were extra excited because they had just reached their goal on PledgeMusic to record their new album, to which we were treated to some of the tunes.

The Sly Persuaders also unleashed some new songs too, that will be on the forthcoming second album. With no keyboards on stage this evening, we could be looking at an even heavier guitar sound, which isn’t a bad thing.

All in all another great night psych-garage guitar goodness, and all gratis. Supporting fantastic new music has never been so cheap.

Nasty Little Lonely


The Sly Persuaders


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