The Wholls @ Camden Assembly

It must have been close to 18 months ago that I first saw Duke of Wolves, when they opened for Twin Wild at Boston Music Room. They left quite an impression, but I somehow didn’t manage to catch them again until I saw they were on the line-up for the final night of Camden Assembly’s month-long Spotlight gigs. I had no idea who the other two bands – Wild Front and The Wholls – but I wasn’t going to miss the chance to see Duke of Wolves.

Again, they were the opening act, and they were as good, if not better, than I remembered. I need to make sure I catch them again a bit sooner. Wild Front were a little mellower, and served a perfect mid-course aperitif before The Wholls hit the stage. And hit it they did. I’ll have to add them to that ever-expanding list of bands to see again, before they are too big to shoot without going through the whole off-putting rigmarole of applying for a photopass.

Duke of Wolves

 Wild Front

The Wholls

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