Witch Fever @ The Finsbury

My first gig of the year at one of my favourite venues around town, and what better way to start than with Get In Her Ears’ monthly showcase of female musicians, and tonight was definitely the night of guitar-wielding grrrls.

First up was Militant Girlfriend, who were very much in the punk spirit, and a little rough-and-ready, but some superb drumming from the back of the stage kept everything on track. Yet another guitar and drums duo from Brighton were up next. ARXX singer/guitarist can really belt out a tune with some serious guitar chops to boot, and drummer Clare was no slouch with the sticks either.

The whole evening kicked up a notch or two when The Nyx hit the stage. This Friday was an evening packed with great gigs to choose from. I turned down five others, because of The Nyx, and headliners Witch Fever. I’ve only seen both bands once before, and they both left a great impression. This was The Nyx first gig in quite a while as they had to replace their drummer. And they didn’t disappoint. In fact they were even better than I remember. These ladies really know how to rock with a touch of class.

Witch Fever I’d only seen a couple of weeks back at Camden Assembly and one of the photos of them has become the most viewed shot on my Instagram, so I felt confident of getting some great shots under the consistently good lights at The Finsbury, which don’t suit every photographer, most of whom are frustrated by the quite heavy use of the smoke machine. For me, that is a vital part of the look that the photos get at the venue. These young Mancunian riot grrrls certainly know how to put on a show, and all those that left after The Nyx set really missed something. They have the looks, stage presence and songs to take them along the path as Pins and Savages.

Another great gig from Get In Her Ears, and one that actually ran on time for a change, which is greatly appreciated by those of us that have to travel back down to deepest south London.

Militant Girlfriend


The Nyx

Witch Fever

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